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Eivind Waage Austad (born 03. nov 1973) 

Helldalsstølen 42
5225 Nesttun
Phone. +47-99275426
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Main instrument: piano, keyboard instruments

Second instrument: voice, bass, guitar, drums/percussion


Short bio:

Eivind Austad is a norwegian jazz pianist from Stavanger. He grew up playing classical piano as well as gospel and church music before digging into the world of jazz music in his late teens. A few years after finishing high school he studied at the Conservatory of Music in Trondheim and became an active freelance musician. He moved to Bergen and established himself as one of the most in demand pianists/keyboardists covering a broad range of styles and expressions. Out of the many artists and musicians he has worked with one can mention jazz saxophone player Kjetil T. Møster, guitarist Thomas T. Dahl, bass player Ingebrigt Flaten, the late great saxophone player Sigurd Køhn, drummer/percussionist/multi artist Ole Hamre, drummer Frank Jakobsen, drummer Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk, guitarist Frode Alnæs and singer Sigvart Dagsland. Aside from being a musician, Eivind also teaches and runs the Jazz department at Bergen Music Conservatory/University of Bergen (The Grieg Academy). Some of his recording credits counts bass player Ole Amund Gjersvik, singer Tone Lise Moberg and pop artist Karin Park. He has led his trio since 2001 and released his first recording as a leader, “Moving”, in 2016 on Ozella Music. The second album, “Northbound”, was released in 2019 on Losen Records. Both albums has received several brilliant reviews nationally and internationally. He will also release a trio album with New Orleans legends James Singleton and Johnny Vidachovic in 2019.



  • 1990-1993: St. Svithun vgs (high school), Music and science
  • 1993-1994: Viken folkehøgskole (folk college), Music
  • 1994-1997: Bergen University college (Hib), Music and teaching
  • 1997-2000: Music conservatory in Trondheim, jazz performance bachelor
  • 2001-2003 (2007): Bergen University college (Hib), Music pedagogy master (improvisation)


Main projects: 

Eivind Austad Trio 


Living Space 


Trio with New Orleans legends James Singleton and Johnny Vidachovic

2019: release of album

2018: recording session, Esplanade studios, New Orleans

Duo with singer Gunn Waage Austad (Occasionally with clar/sax player Steinar Sætre) focusing on repertoire from gospel, negro spirituals and hymns.

Other freelance projects:

Shannon Powell Norwegian Quintet 

  • 2015: Sildajazz, Haugesund Int. Jazz Festival, club gig and church concert
  • 2014: The Norwegian church in New Orleans, recording session at Esplanade Studios in New Orleans

Moon, Mistress, Mood with singer Marita Moe Sandven at Hardingtonar, Oseana

Projects with Ole Hamre

  • Folkofoni with Ole Hamre and Jan Heinke, (Tonlagen, Dresden oct 2014
  • Den fyrste song… with Ole Hamre and his Folkofon (different shows/events)
  • Fargespill (Bergen Int. Festival 2004, Balejazz 2005, BKK in The Grieghall 2010 different events 2012-2014…)
  • Maritimt bestillingsverk with Frode Alnæs (Klippfiskfestivalen, Kristiansund 2005)
  • Fonomatopoetikon  (BJF 2003, Dølajazz 2004, Hemnes, Bodø, Tromsø 2005)

Project with Ingebrigt Flaten and students (GIG akademiet 2017)

Project with jazz students from Bergen and Katowice (Poland) with repertoire of Eivind Austad Trio, Katowice 2016

Project with Gisle Johansen, Frank Jakobsen and Edvard Mjanger (GIG akademiet 2014)

A tribute to Sam Rivers with Ola Høyer, Kjetil Møster and Øyvind Hegg-Lunde

A tribute to Pharoah Sanders with Ola Høyer, Øyvind Skarbø, Kjetil Møster

Coelacanth (Bergen Int. Festival 2013, DNOB 2013) by Winterguests/Alan Lucien Øyen)

A tribute to Getz/Gilberto W/Doddo Andersen, Thomas Dahl… (Nattjazz 2013)

A tribute to Benny Goodman with Michael Barnes, Ivar Kolve and Stian Villanger

Fra kvinne til kvinne… show with The Trætteberg Sisters (Bergen, Oslo)

#jeghernåde Music and theatre performance for churches with the Trætteberg sisters (different churches in Norway sinne 2016)

Elle melle englespill Christmas performance with the Trætteberg sisters based on the gospel of Luke (annual shows for schools and kindergartens approx three weeks before Christmas)

Haukeland i 100 (anniversary concert) with Sigvart Dagsland, Stein Torleif Bjella, Rune Larsen…

Bergen Big Band concert w/Ellen Rowe (Sardinen USF)

Bergen Big Band Nattjazz 2011 with singers Nils Olav Johansen, Torun Eriksen and Tine Taule

Rytmefabrikken w/Ian Finkel and Bergen Philharm Orch (Bergen Percussion Fest 2008)

Christina Bjordal Band (concerts in Haugesund, Oslo…)

Helen Eriksen Band w/Helén Eriksen, Erik Halvorsen, Sveinung Hovensjø, Tarald Tvedten (Nattjazz 2004, local club gigs 2004-2005)

2002: Mike Gallahers Soul Express (Ole Blues/Bergenfest 2002)

2001-2006: Z-kvartett (quartet led by saxophone player Zoltan Vincze)

2002-2008: Ole Amund Gjersvik Quintet (Nattjazz 2003, different local gigs)

2001-2006: Tone Lise Moberg Band (Sildajazz 2005, Nattjazz 2002, local gigs)

2000-2001: -phobic (Guit, keys, drums trio – gigs in Bergen and Lithuania 2000-2001)

1998-2000: EWS & the Sympathy Orchestra, Trondheim, Vadsø, Narvik, Bodø, Tromsø and Oslo.

1999: Jazz project tour in Midt-Norge, Sunnmøre and Oslo (Jan/Feb)

1997-2000: Ed ́s Ahead (Funk/fusion/acid jazz group – gigs at Nattjazz 98, Trondheim Jazzforum 1998, Studentersamfundet in Trondheim 1998, Trondh. Jazzfestival 1999)

1997-2000: Benedicte Swendgaard Band (Trondheim Jazzfestival 1998)

Played on these festivals:

Nattjazz, Oslo jazz festival, Trondheim jazz festival, Vossajazz, Nordland musikkfestuke, Varangerfestivalen, Dølajazz, Molde int jazz festival

Played on these venues:

USF verftet, Den norske opera og ballett, Riksscenen, Herr Nilsen, Kjellern, Smoke, Blue Garden, Cafe Ni muser, Grieghallen, Håkonshallen, Osasalen, Akbank sanat, Karol Szymanowski academy, Irvin Mayfields Jazz playhouse and lots of others

Production work:

  • Co-production of album with Eivind Austad Trio (Moving, Ozella 2016)
  • Production of two albums for Sædalen church (Føtter på fjell – “I Guds hender” 2015 and “De første steg” 2012. Recording, arranging, mixing, mastering.
  • Production of two albums with songs written for Indremisjonsforbundet (2008 and 2009)
  • Production of singbacks for different occasions

Studio work:

Rainbow studio, Esplanade studios, Lydriket, In studio, GSS studio, Olavshallen studio, etc

I’m an experienced user of Apple Logic Pro


  • Masters thesis in Improvisation: “Improvisasjonens mystiske flerfoldighet” (Bergen University college, 2007)
  • Nrk Skole/Musikkparken: written online articles about the history of jazz for High schools in Norway.
  • Arrangements for gospel choir, jazz band, pop/rock band, small orchestras, etc


2019: Upcoming trio album (Losen records) with New Orleans legends James Singleton and Johnny Vidachovic

2019: Northbound by Eivind Austad Trio (Losen records)

2018: Our sense of jazz (compilation) by various artists (Ozella)

2016: Moving by Eivind Austad Trio (Ozella)

2015: Om eg lever by Einar Helgaas (Mudi)

2015: Føtter på fjell – I Guds hender (Sædalen menighet)

2014: The magic and mystery of the piano trio, ballads and lullabies (compilation) by various artists (Ozella)

2014: All together now by Ole Amund Gjersvik (Acoustic records)

2013: Latin collection (compilation) by Ole Amund Gjersvik (Acoustic records)

2012: Føtter på fjell – de første steg (Sædalen menighet)

2006: Circus by Ole Amund Gjersvik (Acoustic records)

2005: Looking on by Tone Lise Moberg (NorCD)

2004: Forbud mot å fly by Vise menn (In productions)

2003: Superworldunknown by Karin Park (Waterfall records)

2001: Ein løvetann by Sølvi Hopland (Gilead)